There have been some changes to Eye care in Scotland that have been put in place by the Scottish Government with the backing of Optometry Scotland to protect us all and I want to tell you about these.

Routine eye examinations have now to stop in all practices across Scotland. If you have a routine appointment booked, we will be in touch as soon as possible to discuss this with you.

However, from Monday 23rd March, we will only be able to care for people with Emergencies, such as red or sore eyes or Essential Eye Care needs. If you require to see us, please call one of our practices and they will ask you a few questions, and if we need to see you, you will be offered an appointment.

Thorough cleaning procedures will be in place across all our practices through this COVID 19 outbreak. Please use the social distancing measures recommend by the government. Remember we are open and will be here for you if needed. But most of all please stay safe.